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I’m an old and crotchety fan.  I will frequently say things that sound a lot like “get off my lawn.”

So I’ve been doing the online fandom thing since season one of Buffy.  I actually had to wait an entire day to download a tiny resolution clip of two second scenes and read transcripts made by fans because downloading and pirating was not at all a thing yet.  Technically I was on some X-Files newsgroups even before that but I wasn’t active like I was in Buffy.

So I just want to point out how eternally grateful I am that the B5 fandom is old enough that we don’t have ship names.  Please, please, please let us never develop stupid ship names.  I saw this whole trend start and I’ve hated it from day one because for one thing, I’ve seen fights about what to call ships, and for another I’ve seen a ton of snotty jerk fans use ship names like codes to keep out people who aren’t good enough fans. In fact, that’s the bulk of what I see them used for, as a thing to weed out people who aren’t “cool” enough to know everything and to be unfriendly to newbs.  Not to mention how ship names contribute to ship wars by overly emphasizing “identities” as shippers of certain couples.

And B5 is a fandom that should be known for how eternally friendly and wonderful it is to new fans.  And we don’t really have ship wars because I can only think of one popular ship that isn’t canon and really it may as well be, whether you ship it or not.  Even people who prefer Ivanova/Talia over Ivanova/Marcus don’t fight because for one thing, a lot of are really into both (and unlike some fandoms we don’t find bisexuality all that difficult to understand).  

I want us to continue to be the awesome fandom and the nicest group of people.  And drawing lines in the sand and factioning ourselves off just will be the beginning of the end, which is sad now that there’s been such a resurgence of fans here on tumblr. 

That’s just my old two cents.  I’ll go back to my rocking chair now, if you’ll just hand me my cane.  These kids today…

Back in the Atmosphere...: Fandom Rant


I hate fandom hipsters.

“Boo hoo I was here first! You’re late getting on the fandom train BEEP BEEP!”

No. Fuck you.

You know what? I’ve met 16-year-olds on the Darkwing Duck forum I visit and THEY WEREN’T EVEN BORN WHEN THE SHOW WAS ON. And you know what? I think it’s FUCKING AWESOME. Because…




Allllll too often.

Nov 9

Some New Questions

  • 1. What are your tracked tags?
  • 2. If you write fan fiction, which characters/couples are your favorite to write? If not, for which ones would you consider writing?
  • 3. What are your OTFs and/or BROTPs?
  • 4. What is the nicest message you've ever received?
  • 5. What is the meanest message anyone has ever sent you?
  • 6. Do you have a guilty pleasure ship?
  • 7. Any song(s) that you consider the rightful property of your OTP?
  • 8. Which pairings do you like most from your other fandoms?
  • 9. Least favorite pairing from anything?
  • 10. Is there any couple in one of your fandoms that baffles you?
  • 11. Who was your first Tumblr friend?
  • 12. Do you have any other blogs that you run right now?
  • 13. Have you ever been told that you resemble a celebrity? Who?
  • 14. Favorite song to sing when you're alone?
  • 15. Any older celebrity crushes (as in 10 yrs older than you or more)?
  • 16. What was your favorite movie to watch growing up?
  • 17. Favorite TV show from your childhood?
  • 18. What is one thing you're looking forward to at the moment?
  • 19. What is one thing you currently dread?
  • 20. What was the hardest thing you've ever had to do?
  • 21. Make one confession or tell us a secret.
  • 22. Stream of consciousness activity - Write one paragraph without stopping or thinking. Post whatever you typed.
  • 23. Ever made a wish that came true?
  • 24. Are we governed by fate or do we choose our own destiny?
  • 25. Word Association - What's the first thing that pops into your head when you read the four letters that follow? LOVE
Jul 7

I keep writing these big long rants about why saying “they only had one season” and “they didn’t have enough time” are poor excuses for the bad points of Legend of Korra, but I know nobody that is trying to make that excuse will care.

I will just say that it’s not like they got cancelled last second like Eureka or Alien Nation or something. It’s not like they were promised they’d get five seasons and then told they only had four and them miraculously got another like Babylon 5.

They were greenlit for a season. They wrote a season, they animated a season, and from everything I’ve read it was while they were animating it that they were told they would get a second season.  They were given more time, they didn’t have any taken away.  And they clearly wanted to tell the story of Amon and the Equalists in only one season.  

And they failed at that from a storytelling perspective.  As a screenwriter, I feel strongly that they did not do the work they should have done during pre-production and outlining that would have solved the problems with the narrative.  Those problems of not having enough time aren’t valid excuses because first of all, they had the time they thought they had and they knew going in how much time there was for this story (and they were given MORE, they never had their time taken away).

Second of all, filmmaking (and animation) is problem solving.  And even if this WAS a wrench thrown in the works (and again, from every interview with the writers that I’ve read, it was NOT a shock that they only had one season for this story arc) then they failed at solving the problem.

I will never give somebody leeway for doing something poorly just because I’m a fan. I love B5 more than almost any other creative property in the history of ever and I will talk for hours about everything that is wrong with it.  Just ask Maggie, she ends up with the brunt of it in my comments to her doing the same thing.

Being a fan does not, should not, and will never mean accepting something flaws and all.  It will mean loving it but also calling people out for their shit and saying “do better next time.”  It means saying “this was good, but your sexism was showing here, here, and here.”  

I liked Korra, I will watch the second season. And I’m not going to get mad at people for loving it, and some of the defenses I’ve seen for problems I’ve had did make me sit back and think again.

But “they only had one season” is not really a valid argument.  I’ve seen complete and compelling stories in a sentence.  In the US, pretty much any weekend there’s a 48 hour film festival going on somewhere.  Those people get a few prompts and write a complete script, film, and edit their short films within two days.  And a good number of those films go on to win awards at festivals.

I’ll make excuses for people sometimes when they do a bad job, but this excuse is not one I’ll let fly without being answered.

Turns out I did write a big rant about it anyway.  I expect people to get mad about it. Oh well.

Jun 4

…We were particularly amazed when thousands, then tens of thousands of people began creating their own personal Star Trek adventures. Stories, and paintings, and sculptures, and cookbooks. And songs, and poems, and fashions. And more. The list is still growing. It took some time for us to fully understand and appreciate what these people were saying. Eventually we realized that there is no more profound way in which people could express what Star Trek has meant to them than by creating their own very personal Star Trek things. Because I am a writer, it was their Star Trek stories that especially gratified me. I have seen these writings in dog-eared notebooks of fans who didn’t look old enough to spell ‘cat.’ I have seen them in meticulously produced fanzines, complete with excellent artwork. Some of it has even been done by professional writers, and much of it has come from those clearly on their way to becoming professional writers. Best of all, all of it was plainly done with love…. That is the highest compliment and the greatest repayment that they could give us.

- Gene Roddenberry (via craic-dealer)

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Jun 1



You can ship two men together without hating on a lady. 

You can ship two ladies together without hating on a man.

You can ship a lady and a man together without hating on queer pairings.

You can ship two (or more) characters who aren’t canonically together without hating on a canon couple.

You can ship a canon couple and not hate on non-canon pairings.

Basically you can ship anyone and anything you like and not be a douche.



i’m so awful when i’m introducing people to new shows

i’m always hovering about going “but do you like it? do you, do you, do you like it tho? oh what about this character? and this episode, have you gotten there yet? and do you ship so-and-so? oh, you have to otherwise we can’t be friends!”

pshhh, but that’s the only proper way to introduce people to new shows <3

You should have seen me when I started getting my best friend to watch B5. I probably drove her insane.

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Apr 1


“I don’t care if you can quote every line from every issue dating back to the early 80s, or if you’ve just seen a handful of episodes of Justice League Unlimited. A fan is a fan is a fan.”

THANK YOU! &lt;3



“I don’t care if you can quote every line from every issue dating back to the early 80s, or if you’ve just seen a handful of episodes of Justice League Unlimited. A fan is a fan is a fan.”


Random short thoughts for the evening:

  • How did I end up with so much hipster music? *delete*
  • Sometimes I love fandom. Then people start being bitchy about ships.
  • I now have a home office with a Wormhole Extreme logo on the door. This is effin’ awesome.
  • I can’t watch Legend of Korra until at least tomorrow because the husband wants to see it, so my tumblr savior blackout continues. *whine*
  • I’m still working on my documentary script. Anybody want to transcribe hours of interviews for me?
  • I’m planning to try to read Hunger Games all the way through again after I see the movie, but can’t see the movie until this weekend and if somebody else pays for it.
  • Plus I’m writing a script, I can’t read anything right now.
  • And if I could it would probably be my Sesame Street book.
  • Yeah, I said Sesame Street book. It’s called Street Gang. It’s awesome.